27 Mar 2017

Hillary and the African-American Community

Does Hillary Clinton want the African American community to denounce Minister Louis Farrakhan?

In 2008 Hillary Clinton asked Barrack Obama to denounce Minister Louis Farrakhan in a public debate and to some, Minister Louis Farrakhan is the Real Black Lives Matter leader. Some…

27 Mar 2017

Mutant Mosquitoes and the Zika Virus

Are Mutant Mosquitoes bred with the sea cucumber gene by the British to carry the Zika virus?

Are Mutant Mosquitoes bred with the sea cucumber gene by the British to carry the Zika virus? Is the Zika scare all part of a big plan for more money.…

27 Mar 2017

Are Christians really Jews? Did Catholics make Mithra into Christ?

The word moshiachin Hebrew actually means “anointed.” In Biblical Hebrew, the title moshiach was bestowed on somebody who had attained a position of nobility and greatness. In the Hebrew form messiah means somebody who had attained a position of nobil

Are Christians really Jews? Did Catholics make Mithra into Christ? Are Christians really Jews?  If one was to look up the word Christian,  the definition of the word says, A Christian is…

27 Mar 2017

New Business Fashion Body Painting Trend - Human Billboard and Body Ads Fashion for Marketing

Become a sponsor and help build awareness for breast cancer and help build awareness for you company in a fun and creative way. Go Behind the Scenes and take a look at the Breast Cancer Awareness Body Painting.

Go behind the Scenes to see the Breast Cancer Awareness, Logo on a Model body painting. The body painting is to promote the Logo on a Model, Breast Cancer Awareness…

27 Mar 2017

How to unlock Metal Sonic on Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed for Nintendo 3Ds

Make sure to tell all the little gamers, in order to play Metal Sonic on Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed for 3Ds, to download Metal Sonic from the Nintendo 3ds, so the young gamers will not get frustrated as to why Metal Sonic is never available.

Vo-Ra News  Los Angeles, Ca (July 16, 2013)  Most kids, as well as adults, are still having a hard time understanding how to play with Metal Sonic on "Sonic All-Stars…

27 Mar 2017

Money: Could Tim Tebow Bring Detroit Out The Red Financially?

Tim Tebow has a loyal fan base and wherever Tim Tebow goes Tim Tebow fans goes. If the Detroit Lions want to fill a stadium and get thier NFL Team out of the red financially, then the best thing Detroit Lions could do for their Organization is to hire Tim

Los Angeles, Ca (July 16, 2013) Vo-Ra News - Tim Tebow still has not found a home in the NFL, but there are a few NFL Teams that could use…

27 Mar 2017

4 Unlimited Free and Low Cost Ways to (SMS) Text Message in Bulk

4 effective ways to (SMS) our use Short Messaging Services to promote your company, build traffic, or make announcements to an unlimited amount of potential clients to generate leads.

Bulk SMS Text messaging is one of the most popular ways to generate leads for your company, bring traffic to your website, and to make announcements to the public, efficiently…

27 Mar 2017

Poor Man's March 2013 for the Unjust- Kelly Thomas, Trayvon Martin, West Memphis 3

Now is the time for all races to come together. Black, White, Mexican, Asian, Indian, etc... all need to come together because all poor and middle class people without power are treated unjustly. Katt Williams and Lindsay Lohan are two prime examples of h

  Just recently, Edward Snowden informed the World about the United States surveillance program. Shortly after Edward Snowden informed Americans about the illegal surveillance program, the world was distracted by…

27 Mar 2017

Conspiracy Theory: Will America allow a bomb to go off in the Middle East?

The question that most conspiracy theorists want to know is, why is there a security alert so shortly after the Edward Snowden leaks? Is it to show that illegal and unconstitutional, surveillance program works so they continue spying on Foreign and Americ

The online news has been chirping. Conspiracy theorists feel that a bomb will go off in the Middle East orchestrated by the United States of America to prove that its…

27 Mar 2017

Trayvon Martin vs George Zimmerman: Meeting of the Minds Summit

The rioting in the streets will only last for days, but if the leaders choose a politician to run for office, the George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin case will last for years to come. The election will also give leaders a voice to talk to Americans when t

  Los Angeles, Ca (July 16, 2013) Vo-Ra News - Sources says, there will be a, "Meeting of the Minds Summit," with Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and other…

27 Mar 2017

Announcing Marketing Bodz’s Breast Cancer Awareness, Human Billboard, and Body Ads Fashion Show for Businesses

Marketing Bodz Breast Cancer Awareness Human Billboard and Body Ads Fashion Show For Business will be held in Los Angeles, Ca. The LA Event is an exclusive event that connects consumers with companies.


27 Mar 2017

What To Do in LA? Go to the Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion for Businesses!!!

arketing Bodz is providing great branding for all the companies that participate and become a sponsor of one of Marketing Bodz Models. All Models will be painted with their sponsor logo on their bodies. Each company sponsor will have their names mentioned

Los Angeles, California, United States of America (Vo-Ra.com Radio News) April 2, 2013 -- Marketing Bodz is holding its first Fashion Show  in Los Angeles, Ca. The cause is to Build Awareness for…

27 Mar 2017

K-Y, The Maker Of Lubrication, Is Under Fire

Since the lubricant has been taken off the market, some Vendors are selling the K-Y Touch 2 in 1 Warming Oil for as much as $100 for an 11 oz bottle.

(Vo-Ra.com Radio News) April 2, 2013 K-Y, the maker of lubrication, is under fire from its consumers about consistently changing the K-Y Touch 2 in 1 Warming Oil products. Most consumers…

27 Mar 2017

Is Obama MicroChip Coming in 2013?- Healthcare

Thompson sat on the board of directors of VeriChip's parent company Applied Digital Solutions for two years. In June 2007, the American Medical Association declared that "implantable radio frequency identification (RFID) devices may help to identify patie

Vo-Ra.com News) February 14, 2013 -- Los Angeles, California, United States of America-- The underground news that has all conspiracy theorist on edge is a MicroChip that supposed to come…

27 Mar 2017

What if there were No Mortgage Payments?

The majority of Americans money goes towards rent or a Mortgage Payment. What if 1 million Americans all of a sudden did not have a $600 to $1000 rent or Mortgage Payment? Do the math... Middle Class Realty Group, an elite team of Mortgage Specialist fro

Los Angeles, California, United States of America (Vo-Ra Online Radio) December 4, 2012-- If you did not have a Mortgage Payment what would you do with your extra money?   The majority of…

27 Mar 2017

Congress Talk about the House Market

Congress need to talk more about improving the House Market. The collapse of the Housing Marketing is one of the major issues that caused America to go through its financial problems. Congress needs to talk more about how to improve the House Market befor

Vo-Ra.com Online Radio News- Los Angeles, Ca- December 3, 2012-- "One way to increase jobs in America is to educate more Americans about Multi-Family Homes", says a Middle Class Realty…

27 Mar 2017

Creative Ads- No Clothes For These Models

Marketing Bodz.com advertisement company is very creative ads company for businesses that wants to try something new. Marketing Bodz is one of the best ads company when it comes to body ads because the ads are so creative.

Los Angeles, California- (Vo-Ra.com Online Radio News) November 28, 2012-- Marketing Bodz, a new advertisement company in Los Angeles Ca, has started a new Fashion Show that advertise businesses of…

27 Mar 2017

Pass a Bill for No Mortgage Payment

Middle Class Realty Group says it is possible for a new home buyer not to have a mortgage payment. The realty consultation company wants to have a Multi-Family Home Incentive Program set in place by Congress so new home buyers will become more familiar w

Los Angeles, California-(Vo-Ra.com Online Radio News)- November, 28 2012--- New home buyers, could you imagine  buying a house and not having to pay a Mortgage Payment?   Middle Class Realty…

27 Mar 2017

Realty -Congress & the Fiscal Cliff

Middle Class Realty Group is proposing that Congress passes a Multi-Family Home Incentive program that gives any American a Tax Rebate or Tax Credit if that American buys a Multi-Family Home.

Los Angeles, California (Vo-Ra.com Online Radio News) November 27, 2012- Middle Class Realty Group, a realty consultation company in Los Angeles, Ca., may have a solution to help Congress before the…

27 Mar 2017

R. Kelly singing acapella

Here at Vo-Ra.com our staff received the full Video Clip of what really happen that night. R. Kelly was singing acapella before he was distracted. When R. Kelly became distracted that is when the great R&B singer gave his fans "Security." Watch this great

(Vo-Ra.com Radio News)  November 20, 2012-- Los Angeles, Ca - R. Kelly performed at the Nokia Theater November 3, 2012 for his Single Ladies Tour and all the concert goers are…

27 Mar 2017

How Will Radio Music Stay Alive?

Vo-Ra.com wants to make all radio stations mobile ready and give consumers the chance to interact with their favorite Radio Station. Vo-Ra.com also gives each radio company the opportunity to extend their reach and go World Wide instead of just local.

How Will Radio Music Stay Alive? One question a  lot of people have in the Radio Industry is, "How Will Radio Music Stay Alive?"  Radio Stations across the World have…

27 Mar 2017

Radio News -R. Kelly Kicks out fan

During R. Kelly's “Single Ladies Tour” concert at the Nokia Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, R&B singer R. Kelly kicked out unruly fans that were skipping ahead to get a better glimpse at the talented singer. Unfortunately the eager fans were blocking

      (Vo-Ra-Radio News)Los Angeles, CA – November 3, 2012 During R. Kelly's “Single Ladies Tour” concert at the Nokia Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, R&B singer R. Kelly…

27 Mar 2017

The New Way to run ads is Body Ads

Marketing Bodz created a website that will connect businesses with consumers, but in a fun way. The goal of Marketing Bodz is to get more business owner involved in the fun way of marketing and advertising. Body Ads creat a new enthusiasm for business own

The new and exciting way to run ads are with Body Ads. Marketing Bodz provides a new way to advertise for businesses that are interested in branding their company in…

27 Mar 2017

Dark Matter is Magnetic Energy in our Universe

Anthony D. Davis of Los Angeles California says that Dark Matter is Magnetic Energy. Anthony Davis, a Marketing and Mortgage specialist who loves to study science. Anthony says if a person takes two magnets and hold them close together a person could f

(Vo-Ra. News)Los Angeles, CA – September 9, 2012-    Anthony D. Davis of Los Angeles, California says that Dark Matter  is Magnetic Energy.  Anthony Davis, a Marketing and Mortgage specialist…

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