Dentists tell patients to brush and floss after every meal or at least twice a day, but what if there are no dentists or doctors around to give medical advice?  How did ancient people brush and floss without getting any cavities?

The Toothbrush  has been around thousands of years, just not in the form familiar to the Western part of the World.  As the West moved on with new traditions and new techniques, the East held on to old traditions and until today the old traditions that were held on by the East have proven time and time again, that Nature Is The Ruler Over All.

As the West gradually moves away from  Nature's care, the people are feeling the effects from the chemicals used to replace the protection that Nature provides.  Anytime chemicals are used to get rid of or kill anything, including bacteria,  those same chemicals are killing the same individual who lost touch with nature.

Today's toothpaste is made with a variety of chemicals which are known to be harmful and some of the Chemicals are banned from consumption, but great for dental care. Really?


Take a look at the list of Harmful Chemicals in Toothpaste Today. 


1. Triclosan

 The FDA has given Colgate Plus the approval to use Triclosan to help fight cavities.  Just because a product shows progress in preventing something,  does that mean the product is safe for Human consumption or consumption by any living animal?  Well, Triclosan has been known to cause breast, ovarian, prostate, and testicular cancer.  Studies have also shown Triclosan to cause preterm and low birth weight babies,  un-descending  testicals in boys, and the harmful chemical shows  progression in breast cancer. From studies like the ones mentioned, researchers have motivated the State of Minnesota to ban handsoap, toothpaste, makeup, and a host of other products made with Triclosan.

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

 Sodium Lauyl Sulfate also known as (SLS) is registered as an insecticide and studies have shown that SLS may have toxic effects to fish, crustaceans, and  incests . SLS was denied organic farmer's credentials because of the harmful effects the chemical poses on the environment. 

3.  Diethanolamine (DEA)

Ever wonder how toothpaste gets its foam? Diethanolamine also known as DEA is an ingredient found in products to help increase foaming.  In Chemistry a disrupter is an element that is known to react when mixed with other ingredients. The mixture with other chemicals can cause a carcinogen to form called N-nitrosodiethanolamine or (NDEA) which can lead to cancers of the stomach, esophagus, liver and more.  DEA has been listed by the Environmental Working Group as the most toxic cosmetic element treatment,  giving the product a 10, which is the highest level of toxicity.  The California Environmental Protection Agency list DEA as a product that may cause cancer.

With all the added chemicals and with little testing to really know what products are good for the teeth and the body as a whole, individuals are taking matters upon themselves to find out what products will really help improve teeth cleansing without the harmful side effects.  In the Western world, Capitalism is the ruler of the country and the Western individualism's new practices promote solidarity, greed, and lies. In order to make capital gains, most corporations will conduct studies in a way that is beneficial to containing and maintaining certain patents and certifications.  If numbers must be raised or lowered in order for that study to pass compliance to make billions of dollars per year, then those number must be adjusted accordingly.  Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

What would Man do if Man was not here to take care of the people in the World? Go to Nature.


Before man had toothbrushes Nature provided man with trees, fruit, and land that provided all the essential nutrients to maintain balance in life and balance in the body and balance is needed to keep the body stable, strong, and to promote longevity in life.  


Plants give to Humans and Humans give to plants. Plants need Carbon to live and Humans along with Animals need Oxygen to live.  Humans eat plants and once plants are eaten, nutrients are absorbed in the body and the nutrients are converted into energy and substances the body needs. There are trees and plants for everything the body needs, even for the teeth, but Westerner are forgetting all the Ancient Knowledge by proclaiming to be rich and better than others.


African Chewing Sticks has been used for over 3000 years or more. There are a variety of trees to use that are great at cleaning teeth and fighting bacteria which can cause gingivitis, which can lead to tooth decay, bad breath, and a host of other ailments.  From viewing the video, all the children and adults have pearly white teeth. What's even more amazing is none of the Africans have seen a toothbrush or used toothpaste ever. The Westerners have the best medical equipment money can buy, yet and still most Westerners have bad teeth which leads to bad breath. 

The mouth is very important. Most good and bad bacteria enters a person's body through the mouth. Bacteria enters the mouth all the time, so the problem is not how bacteria enters the body, the problem is how to deal with certain bacteria in the mouth. Most Westerners do not know how to balance the good and bad bacteria in the mouth, so products are made to kill bacteria deemed as unpleasant, and once the killing of anything happens, even bacteria, one would begin to kill themselves.  

The internet give everyone the chance to learn more and more about the world. Find out  how products are made. Find out what chemicals products entering the human body are made from. Look up the chemicals on the labels and find out if the Chemicals are used as pesticides or anything that may raise a red flag when ingesting or consuming products that were not made naturally.

Useful Links to find out more information are below. 

Want to try an African Chewing Stick? Click to see a list of Trees to use as a Chewing Stick from Wikipedia. There are a list of trees for the Westerners. 

Check out the YouTube video of Africans using Twigs or Chewing Sticks for Teeth Cleaning below. 


Read more about the harmful chemicals in toothpaste.  


Thanks for you time. Hope this helps your Health and Well Being.

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