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Most kids, as well as adults, are still having a hard time understanding how to play with Metal Sonic on "Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed for 3Ds."


Times are changing now. There used to be a time where gamers could play a video game and once the final level was achieved, a character would unlock. 


Let's Fast-Forward to 2013, "The Digital Age."


Technology has made purchasing a game so simple that  “video game characters” are now a part of the purchasing process.  Take “Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed for 3Ds,” for example. In order to play Metal Sonic on Nintendo 3Ds, gamers now must purchase the digital downloadable character for $1.99. 


Metal Sonic can only be played on "Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Editions." 


Make sure to tell all the little gamers, in order to play Metal Sonic on Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed for 3Ds, to download Metal Sonic from the Nintendo 3ds, so the young gamers will not get frustrated as to why Metal Sonic is never available.  


The instructions on how to download Metal Sonic for Sonic All-stars Racing Transformed for 3Ds,are below.  The Video is available as well. 




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This video shows you how to unlock Metal Sonic in Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed for Nintendo 3Ds. 
What you want to do is go to,...

1. Go to Extras 
2. Go to Game Add-Ons 
3. Wait for it the Sonic Game to load 
4. Go to Store 
5.Purchase Game Add-Ons 
6. You must purchase Metal Sonic for $1.99
You will get a Metal Sonic and a DLC Track
Enjoy Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition with Metal Sonic with the DLC Track. 

You must have Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition to unlock Metal Sonic and DLC Track for Nintendo 3Ds

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