Vo-Ra.com News) February 14, 2013 -- Los Angeles, California, United States of America-- The underground news that has all conspiracy theorist on edge is a MicroChip that supposed to come out in 2013. The MicroChip is to track and keep information on everyone who receives Medicare or Medicade for easy record tracking of patients. The chip is called the "Modern Day Slavery Chip," because most Americans feel the Government is using the MicroChip to keep tabs on American citizens. Since the MicroChip is supposed to come out in 2013, which is President Obama's term, the blame is being place on the President.


Is this MicroChip real?!! Are MicroChips really going to be implanted in humans?!!


MicroChips aka VeriChip aka PositiveID are products made by Digital Angel or Applied Digital Solutions and the MicroChips are already here. The UK started experimenting with MicroChips in 2008 according to Natural News. Currently the chip are implanted in dogs, but cats mice and humans are venerable because the MicroChip can cause cancer, according to Wiki Pedia. Supposedly the marketing and manufacturing was discontinued in 2010, but the company is still operating. 




Since the HealthCare debates, some would say a lot of Republicans went out of their way toTommy Thompson, the former Secretary of Health and Human Services, supported the VeriChip as a "useful tool in sharing medical information with health care providers in emergency situations". stop public HealthCare from passing. One tactic that really works is scare tactics. There is no evidence of Obama or anyone in the Democratic party approving such invasive act against Americans' privacy, but there is a Republican who supported the MicroChip. That Official worked under George Bush and he goes by the name of Tommy Thompson, the former Secretary of Health and Human Services, supported the VeriChip as a "useful tool in sharing medical information with health care providers in emergency situations".


Is the MicroChip here?


Yes! The MicroChip is currently here, but the MicroChip is something that President Obama did not approve nor did he start. In-fact the party that does not want "Big Government" is the party who approved the MicroChip or what they call, "Modern Day Slavery." Most Americans need to understand and realize that the world operates around money. If everything works out for Digital Angel, Inc or Applied Digital Solutions, the company that makes VeriChip and PositiveID, could potentially make 70 Billion Dollars. Digital Angel, Inc has been lobbing with the Republicans since 2001 during the 911 attacks.


Thompson sat on the board of directors of VeriChip's parent company Applied Digital Solutions for two years. In June 2007, the American Medical Association declared that "implantable radio frequency identification (RFID) devices may help to identify patients, thereby improving the safety and efficiency of patient care, and may be used to enable secure access to patient clinical information".[17]


Will the 2013 MicroChip be used to locate humans every move?


The MicroChips are currently used in humans for different reasons.


Will everyone who has Medicare or Medicaid be subjected to using the MicroChip?


Currently the Government is not using the MicroChips in humans for medical reasons, but in time MicroChips may be used to track humans. The fact of the matter is MicroChips are here! "The Mark of the Beast," the Bible alwaysed warned us about is here. 


On a plus side, the MicroChip is here, but the MicroChip still has a lot of research to go before America will make the chip common use. Also, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and California issued a Senate Bill in 2007 regarding MicroChips. The Bill states that no employer could force an employee to wear the chip. In 2010, Georgia made it a misdemeanor to force any one to use the chip.


Neither Bill motioned anything about the Government forcing American Citizen into wearing the chip.


Take a look at the video below to see how the MicroChip is implanted into the skin.


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by A. D. Davis 

Vo-Ra.com News Reporter. 

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