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If you did not have a Mortgage Payment what would you do with your extra money?


The majority of American's money goes towards Rent  or a Mortgage Payment. What if 1 million Americans all of a sudden did not have a $600 to $1000 Rent or Mortgage Payment? Do the math... Middle Class Realty Group, an elite team of Mortgage Specialist from Los Angeles, California says it can be done.


"Congress must build awareness to Multi-Family Homes in America.  Single Family Residence (SFR) Homes are not the right houses to buy in today's House Market.  SFR's are just not good Investment Properties nowadays, but Multi-Family Homes are." says a Representative from Middle Class Realty.


Middle Class Realty Group is proposing that Congress pass a Multi-Family Home Incentive Program that will give a larger tax rebate or tax credit to all Americans who buy Multi-Family Homes. The Multi-Family Home Incentive Program will build awareness and show the benefits of buying a Multi Dwelling Unit.  


Here are 5 huge reasons why Congress should pass the Multi-Family Home Incentive Program.


*In the next 3 - 5 years Congress could increase America's revenue buy 1 trillion dollars or more.


*Americans who buys Multi-Family Homes will become Business Owners.


*Americans who own Multi-Family Homes will save money and increase their income.


*Banks are more likely to loan money to Americans who have an extra cash flow coming in.


*More material is needed to make a Multi-Family Home; therefore more Manufacturing and Construction jobs will be needed.


At this point Congress is thinking about closing all loopholes. If Congress passes a law to close all loopholes, then Americans would not be able to write their Mortgage off at the end of the year or the tax write-off or rebate may not be as large.


So the question is... Will Congress Pass the Multi Family Home Incentive Program that will give a lager Tax Rebate or Tax Credit to Americans?


If we get enough people to sign the Multi-Family Home Incentive Program, we may have a chance. Please sign the Multi-Family Home Incentive Program petition so you can help yourself and all Americans in the United States. We are united as 1.

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