Vo-Ra News  Los Angeles, Ca (May 13, 2017) King Olaf I of Norway's arrival to Norway Based on drawing by Peter Nicolai Arbo posted a very interesting and informing video about an Ancient Earl by the name of Hákon Earl who was supposed to be killed, by the King's command. In the text, the Earl, who is the midlevel noble under the Kinsmanship, questioned one of his slaves. In the text from the land of Rimul translated by Wikipedia there is a very small interesting detail that has been changed. In the text translated by Wikipedia there is a statement made by the Earl questioning his slave's physical or mental color. Wikipedia translates the Earl's text to say, "Why are you so pale, yet sometimes black as dirt?


Copy the same text from Wikipedia and use Google Translate to convert the ancient text to English the text translates the Earl saying, “Why are you so bleak, but sometimes black as a jew?"


In those days Caucasians or Europeans were known as Bleikrs like African-Americans are known to be Black during this day and age.  Just like Black people today Bleikr people were known by their skin color and the color is Pink or Pale. That is why one translation will say Bleak and one will say Pale and both references are correct. Just as both translation of the text are correct with the color black, but both translations are not correct with the translation of the religion Jew. Wikipedia Translation says, "Black as Dirt" and Google Translation says, "Black as a Jew."



If the translation of the ancient text was purposely change, the next questions would by why was the ancient text changed? Was the text purposely changed to disconnect a certain group of people from relating to powerful religious figurers in the past?


The video below gives a step by step process to give scholars a chance to see personally how the text is translated. The video is fun and based on the popular Bow Wow challenge that everyone is doing after Bow Wow got caught flying to New York on a coach flight by one of his fans, after he posted a picture of himself flying on a private jet. Check out the video, have fun and learn something.


Remember, you heard it here first., Watch The Radio!



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